1: Customise your URL for the page:

Make it easier for people to find you on Facebook by customising your URL from a big long hyperlink to a shorter more significant one. For example, www.facebook/murphymarketig.

2: Make sure profile picture is good and suitable:

Some profile pictures are not suitable for the profile of a person or company. This is very important as a picture speaks more then words and your profile picture with your cover photo is the first thing Facebook users will see when they come onto your page. They have to be the right size to fit into the picture or else they look very unprofessional.

A good example of this would be Heineken.

A bad example of this would be Uncle Ben

3: Try to be cool and use Humour:

Facebook is a social media site and the public are looking for posts and status that make them laugh for what they have interest in. Put up videos and picture to make the public laugh and the get them looking on your page more often. A very good example of this is probably the best company on social media; Paddy Power.

4: Make sure its a Like page NOT a friend account:

Having a like page is more professional and makes it easier for the public to see what’s going on in the company by just liking your page rather then having to send a friend request. Also Facebook limits your to only having a maximum of 5000 friends. Also your like page gives you access to advertising.

5: Interact with the public:

When the public will be leaving comments on your page always comment back to them and make it personnel. interacting with the public through Facebook  will get them talking bout you and increase your customer base.